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Aug 21, 2013 5:30pm EDT
use internet connections. the nsa has legal authority... working through wireless and other phone companies... to monitor calls coming into or going out of the country... as well as calls between other countries that are routed through the united states. --adblib weather tz-- kidnapped a 16- year-old girl.. after police say he killed her mother and brother, ethan... now wants a d- n-a test to determine if james dimaggio is the father of both children. dimaggio left thousands of dollars from a life insurance to hannah's grandmother. his sister says.. they don't want to contest the policy.. but just want to know if he's the father of hannah and ethan. "there's been a lot of rumors about whether or not jim might be the father of either or both children. we find it strange that he's left all this money without any explanation." dimaggio was killed in a shootout with federal authorities earlier this month. the... italian ship... that ran aground early last year... will finally be turned... upright, next month. this is... the... costa concordia... . currently laying... in the ocean... /
Aug 9, 2013 6:00pm EDT
today and said he doesn't think the leaker from the nsa, edward snowden, is a patriot and released a series of reforms he would like to implement. here is how the president described what he would like to do. >> we can't and must be more transparent so i directed the intelligence community to make public as much information about these programs as possible. we have already declassified unprecedented information about the nsa but we can go furter. >> and asked about who he'll pick for the next chairman of the federal reserve he said he didn't want to tip his hand of who he would pick but has two candidates and explained why the white house was defending larry summers in public. take a listen. >> the perception that mr. summers might have an inside track simply had to do with a bunch of attacks that i was hearing on mr. summer's preemptively, which is a standard washington exercise that i don't like. >> reporter: so tyler, obviously, this is very personal for the president. he has a relationship with larry summers. he didn't like to see the piling on. that might explain leaks we saw
Aug 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
say in this. why did the nsa seek its buy-in now? >> what happened this year is different. hela cells, yes, have been used in almost every laboratory, including my own. now what we've had happen is read out the complete d.n.a. instruction book, the genome of hela cells, laying out all kinds of details about why those cells grow so rapidly, but also revealing something about henrietta's original d.n.a. instruction book, which,sh, has implications for the family, and her blood relatives raised concerns, rightly so, that this information being freely available on the internet might be placing them at risk for people learning things about their medical risks for the future, that they would like to keep private. >> warner: so this agreement you negotiated with the family, what does it grant them? what does it give them? >> well, over three long meetings in the evening in baltimore with the family-- and i give them a huge amount of credit for rallying together and dealing with some pretty complicated scientific facts-- ultimately, they are very much in favor of research going forward. they
Aug 13, 2013 5:00am EDT
. >> rose: so it's not slow. >> no, it's been nasdaq, nsa, anthony weiner, incredibly ridiculous. >> rose: the gift that keeps giving. >> that's right, which cannot not give. >> rose: yes. >> but there were momentsment like two shows in particular, a pretty hard to navigate when it's feelings of complete despair. the trayvon martin verdict i felt personally very, you know, it's very difficult. there's a lot of emotion. and even more so i felt that was the first time i really felt john's absence. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> holy fuuch. so he's nocent 1234 wait, what? how could that possible-- you-- you have got to be-- there's no-- i can't even-- oh my god! (laughter) which i guess is what we'll call tonight's segment. (laughter) because that feels about right. that feels in your heart about right. the audience often looked to jon to make them, to help them articulate very complicated, painful feelings. and something like the trayvon martin verdict would be a moment where i could feel in the audience people are looking to jon. they're not looking to me. wha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4